February 11, 2019

Molly Pease to Speak at The Knowledge Group’s Live Webcast

Curiam Capital Managing Director Molly Pease will be speaking at The Knowledge Group’s live webcast, entitled “Transforming Businesses with Litigation Finance: Tips and Strategies Uncovered!” on February 27, 2019.

Molly will be joined by a seasoned panel of thought leaders and professionals who will help the audience understand the fundamentals of litigation finance. They will go beyond the basics and provide insights into the recent trends and developments surrounding this significant topic. They will also present key risk mitigation strategies and techniques to avoid potential risks and regulatory pitfalls.  Molly’s presentation will focus on some of the benefits of litigation finance from the law firm perspective.

The Knowledge Group recommends that in-house counsel, litigators, top-level management, private companies, and multinational corporations sign up to attend.

For information about The Knowledge Group’s live webcast, click here. To listen to a preview of the webcast, check out The Knowledge Group’s latest podcast on either iTunes or SoundCloud.

Curiam Capital

Curiam Capital

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