February 16, 2022

Molly Pease Discusses How Litigation Funding Can Move the Needle on DEI in the Law

Curiam Capital’s Managing Director, Molly Pease, recently recorded an online CLE course with Lawline that focused on the topic of using litigation funding to move the needle on DEI in the law. 

In the online CLE course, the faculty members that accompanied Molly in the discussion were Wendie Childress of Validity Finance, LLC, Nicole Galli of ND Galli Law LLC, and Roberta Liebenberg of Fine Kaplan & Black.

The overview of the program from Lawline reads as follows: 

“Recent studies have shown that the largest percentage of women leaving BigLaw, and sometimes even the legal profession, are women around fifty years old, at just the time that they should be in the prime of their careers. Studies have also shown that the pandemic has compounded the situation, leading to further attrition from women lawyers at all levels (and increased stress levels among those that stay). And this impact is magnified for attorneys of color. While no one tool can improve the situation, this panel will discuss how litigation funding can be used to help women and other marginalized groups level the playing field in business generation and securing origination credit (sadly, the two do not automatically go hand-in-hand). Having a “book” is, of course, often the key to sustainable success in any law firm. 

This program is important not only for women litigators themselves but also for in-house lawyers and law firm leaders. Ensuring that experienced women litigators stay in the game makes good business sense. Jury research shows that women jurors have a statistically stronger preference for women lawyers, and all jurors find women lawyers generally more credible and trustworthy. There is also the AI Premonition study that shows women partners win their cases over 70% of the time.  Making sure your team has experienced women litigators from diverse backgrounds can facilitate successful business outcomes.”

Molly leads the day-to-day operations of Curiam Capital with a particular focus on sourcing, underwriting, and monitoring the firm’s single-case and portfolio litigation funding investments.

For more information about this course or to watch, click here.

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