January 29, 2021

Curiam Capital’s Anup Misra Participates in 7th Annual IP Dealmakers Forum

On December 8, 2020, Anup Misra joined Abha Divine, Aaric Eisenstein, David Kerstein, and Sarah Tsou on the panel “Litigation Finance 2.0: A Rapidly Evolving Landscape” during the 7th Annual IP Dealmakers Forum’s virtual event.

The panel discussed several topics including trends and developments in the litigation finance industry; the types of cases being funded; typical deal structures and terms; and advice for IP and patent owners seeking funding.

Anup shared his views on what a typical waterfall payment would look like: “Every deal is going to be different and what we’re looking at when we’re structuring a waterfall is, what are the risks associated with the case?”

You can learn more about the IP Dealmakers Forum here and watch a clip of Anup’s panel discussion below.

Curiam Capital

Curiam Capital

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