April 22, 2020

Curiam Capital Director Anup Misra Participates in ELEV8 Webinar Series Global Insights Platform

Last week, Curiam Capital’s Director Anup Misra was a panelist on ELEV8’s new webinar series, Global Insights Platform.  The panel, which included  Jason Charkow and Louis Young, discussed the current trends and challenges of the litigation financing market and what they expect moving forward.  Here are a few takeaways from the discussion: 

  • Demand for litigation funding has been rising fast in the U.S. as law firms and claimants have become more familiar with funders and the funding process.  Litigation finance can provide law firms with a stable cash flow and reduce the risk on contingent fee cases while claimants are able to pursue their claims without fear of not having the capital needed for litigation.
  • Litigation funding is generally uncorrelated to market trends; therefore the current economic downturn is unlikely to change overall funder returns.  However, the timing of returns may be delayed for investors expecting payment in the near term. Funders must also consider whether the economic downturn may affect a company’s ability to pay a settlement or judgment.
  • We are likely to see an increased number of cases related to areas such as bankruptcy, service interruptions, failure to perform contractual obligations, and force majeure clauses. And it is expected that parties bringing these cases will consider third-party funding to see them through.

 You can watch the entire webinar here https://www.elev8con.com/litigation-webinars/

Curiam Capital

Curiam Capital

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