May 13, 2019

HPC #WILDCARD: What Is Your Wildest Prediction for The State of The Legal Industry Through Year-End 2020?

As it appeared on High Performance Counsel’s website. 

#WildCard: What is your wildest prediction for the state of the legal industry through year end 2020? Don’t be shy.

Molly L. Pease

I predict that by the end of 2020, non-traditional legal service providers, such as the “Big Four” accounting firms and other atypical lawyer businesses, will double their share of the legal services market and force law firms to rethink how to work efficiently and provide better value to clients. The Big Four are better positioned to invest in technology and have proven systems for tracking and monitoring large scale projects that can be easily translated to the legal context. This will likely cause clients to expect better transparency from law firms into what exactly they are paying for and whether a more efficient and cost-effective alternative is available. The law firms that cannot adjust may go the way of the Dewey & LeBoeufs of the world.

Curiam Capital

Curiam Capital

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